This new section is about a Fosnian immigrant to America named Harry (born as Arrishtotolo), a member-from-birth of the Fosnian Royal Family; he’s the 2nd-in-line to elder brother, HRH Rolando, and younger brother, HM Pavlo. Harry works at Riverdale Software International, housed where the old Spencer Shoes plant once stood—in the southwest part of the city, just outside the High School. It’s where he met his secretary/steady love-mate Saranda, who left the confines of Judge Jack Bookum over at the Court House.
Harry and Saranda surely makes friends with Archie and his gang of friends, and then with their newly-found neighbors and fellow residents alike. They attend services weekly at the North Riverdale Apostolic Church, pastored by Reverend Lonny and Shakira MaKwezzi (a missionary family deployed to Riverdale from Zimbabwe, in southern Africa). Since Harry loves his mate Saranda so much, they’re even planning their own wedding! Members of both sides of their just-established extended family do visit them regularly, then they visit each other on occasions.
This series is based on the Pals-'N-Gals Double Digest stories I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Customs (from issue 17) and Riverdale Redux (from issue 24).

HarrySarandaSir LaRocqueMrs. Granoble
Rev. MaKwezziMdme. MaKwezziJudge BookumMrs. Bookum
HRH RolandoHM PavloMr. BosterwickYoshi

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