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These following sites below are done by various Archie Comics fans, about different aspects and subject areas within his Universe. Some of the sites have things like: polls, games, chat rooms, ...and so on. When you visit any of them, tell ’em that Robert L. W. of The Archie Comics Universe has sent you!
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AFUNK’s Archie Comics Coloring Books By Blind Alley Productions
Another website with more coloring pages featuring Archie and his gang of friends.

Angelfire’s Josie & The Pussycats Web Site

Anthony Snyder’s Archie Comics Art Gallery
Where you could buy various art masterpieces with that Archie theme.

APT Kid Counrty’s Josie & The Pussycats Page
Another fun info page about The Pussycats rock band, led by lead guitarist/lead vocalist Josie McCoy. Also has some info on their other friends.

Archie Comic Strips @

Archie Comics—& Beyond!

Archie—Good For YOU!

Archie Et Ses Amis
Formerly known as Archie Et Ses Copains on Lycos France.
Another French-language site on Archie and his friends. Chock-lit full of pictures, too!! Now hosted on Tripod.
Archie—Le Site Francophone
Formerly hosted by Prologistic.
An Archie Comics website by MacFly—à la Française—with plenty of information; now open on a new host in Québec, Canada.

Archie Comics Message Board

Archie Movie Sequel Buzz

Archie Comics @

Archie Comics @
NewKadia’s complete inventory of ACP-published comic books.

Archie Comics @ The Phantom Zone

Archie Comics Trivia

The Archie Comics Web Ring

Archie’s Fan Listing

Archie’s Weird Mysteries (PAX-TV) Episode Guide

Archie Zone
Formerly known as Archie Stuff, this site by Ray Fujiyama has some stuff that’s rarely seen elsewhere!

The Archies @ AMG
An article on the pop rock group The Archies done by the folks at the All Music Guide.

The Archies

BBWs In Archie Comics
This site tells about some broad breasted femmes fatales who do show up in Archie Comics from time to time.

Betty & Veronica Fashions
A site devoted to the various fashions worn by Betty and Veronica in the Archie Comics series.

Betty & Veronica: The Movie
An article discussing the upcoming live-action B&V film being produced by Miramax in association with Archie Comics Entertainment.

Bob Montana’s Classic Archie Prints
This site features classic Archie Comics prints (1940s till 1970s) drawn by the late Bob Montana.

Brad’s Unofficial Josie & The Pussycats Website
Your 1-stop site for items and news relating to Josie McCoy and her rock band, The Pussycats—from their earlier days as schoolchums to current times.’s Josie & The Pussycats Page

The Chock-Lit Shop

Closet Monster’s Archie Comics Page

Comic Artists Direct

Comics Price Guide

Couvertures Des Comiques Sabrina D’Archie Comics (Multimania)
This French-language website shows some Sabrina comic book covers. Oou-lah-lah oui-oui!!

Eff-N-Bee Dolls—Betty & Veronica

The Frank Doyle Archie Comics Page
A site devoted to the late Frank Doyle, a beloved Archie Comics artist.

The Filmation Fan Page
From Archie and Sabrina to Gilligan’s Island, those were the cartoons produced by the well-known yet now-defunct Filmation company team.

Filmation’s Archie
This spinoff page deals with the Archie-related cartoon shows done by Filmation during the 1960s and 1970s.

FreeThemes—Josie & The Pussycats Icons

Y! Geocities’ Josie & The Pussycats Page

Golden Archies

The Stan Goldberg Archie Comics Page
This site is devoted to fellow Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg.

I Love Archie Comics
NOTE: This site doesn’t contain any pictures as of yet—text only.

Interlog’s Josie & The Pussycats Page

IUMA’s Ron Dante Music Collection
A webpage with RealAudio and MP3 audio song files for The Archies as well as The Cufflinks, The Detergents, and others.

Jerome’s Mighty Crusaders/Archie Heroes Information Page
Jerome’s website (en Française) about the Archie Comics line of superheroes. He pictures them throughout their history (even during the !Impact Comics period).

Josie Rocks!

KDS’s Archie Comics Pages
The picture gallery is located here:
Here are the various Archie Comics trivia quizzes: (real easy),,, (very much harder)
A quiz for Jughead with Archie is here:

KMax’s Archie Raze Page @ TruePath

Knothole Village Forum
A forum club for Sonic The Hedgehog fans.

Little Archie @

Melissa’s Archie Homepage

The Mighty Crusaders Handbook
An online handbook of who’s who within the Mighty Crusaders—Earth’s last line of defense!

MLJ/ACP Super Heroes Site
Loki's English-language page about the super heroes of the Mighty Crusdaers, Red Circle, and SuperTeens lines. She also mentions of Sabrina, SuperWitch!.

Movielocity’s Josie & The Pussycats (2001) Movie Review
Movielocity’s review of the 2001 movie based on the Archie Comics series.

MovieManiac’s Archie Comics Coloring Pages (Tripod)
If the coloring pages at the official Archie Comics Online website aren’t enough, try this site! It has lots more coloring pages and printable games for you to try out.

Newsrama’s Archie Entertainment Story By Michael Baron

Ray Fujimiya’s The World Of Archie Website

Ron Dante Online
The vocal artist behind the bubble-gum rock bands The Archies, The Detergents, The Cufflinks, and others. Contains a wealth of stuff and information!!
—(main location):
—(mirror location):

Ron Dante’s The Archies Room

Ron Dante’s Interview (The Archies)—MonkCo (Tripod)

Rotten Tomatoes’ Josie & The Pussycats (2001) Movie Review
The Josie live-action film as reviewed by Rotten Tomatoes.

The Royal Journal’s Archie Stuff Page
A cybercollection of comics and artwork that, while not really about Archie per se, are—nonetheless—within the Archie Comics WFOP values vein. You’ll also find a comic on recycling!
NOTE: The descriptions on this site have tad bits of profanity—viewer discretion when at this site is required!!

Sci-Fi Channel’s Josie & The Pussycats In Outer Space page
Sci-Fi’s critique of the Josie...In Outer Space cartoon show seen on Cartoon Network.

Shades Of Mobius: The Sonic Webpage @ Mokat01 (Tripod)

Scott’s KEWL Jughead Tribute Page

Showbizz’ (France) Josie Et Les Pussycats Movie Review (2001)
Showbizz of France’s movie review (done in French) on the Française version of the 2001 live-action Pussycats film. Oou-lahh-lahh oui-oui!!

The Slush Factory Magazine—The World’s Coolest Comics
An interview with (the now late) Dan DeCarlo about Archie Comics.

Sonic The Hedgehog—The Archie Comics Continuity

Sunday Funnies’ Archie TV Cartoons Bio Page

Sunday Funnies’ Dan DeCarlo Bio Page

Swinging Chicks—Veronica Lodge
The page on Swinging Chicks featuring Veronica Lodge of The Archies, mainly dealing with the band’s happenings during the 1960s into early 1970s.

University Of British Columbia, Canada—UBC Reports’ Archie Comics Article (10/05/2000)—Scholar Scans The Comics Side
Reported by UBC associate Bonny Norton, written by UBC staff writer Bruce Mason
There’s more to Archie and the gang than meets the eye... .

The Unofficial Archie Fan Club Website

The U. S. Of Archie (CBS-TV) @ The Big Cartoon Database
The U. S. Of Archie was where Archie, Veronica, and Jughead led the gang, and told various stories straight from American history. The series even had a patriotic-sounding theme!

Universal Studios’ Josie & The Pussycats Movie Website

Usagi33’s Archie Comics Page

Voice Work On The Archie Show (CBS-TV)

WBN-TV’s Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Page

Webshots Community: Archie Comic Covers

Yesterdayland’s The Archie Show (Filmation) Page

Yesterdayland’s Josie & The Pussycats (Filmation) Page

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