Archie Andrews, an all-American boy of Scottish descent, attends school at Riverdale High School in the westernmost side of the city, near the aquarium and bus terminal. Among his closest friends are sweetheart Betty Cooper, gorgeous subdebonnaire Veronica Lodge, thin, beanpole-like Jughead Jones, and dark-haired nemessing Reggie Mantle—along with plenty of others, and the school’s entire faculty. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie also form their bubble-gum pop rock group The Archies, famous for such songs as: Sugar, Sugar, Bang Shang-A-Lang, Our Day Will Come, and Don’t Lose Heart.

Mr. AndrewsMr. CooperMr. LodgeMr. JonesMr. Mantle
Mrs. AndrewsMrs. CooperMrs. LodgeMrs. JonesMrs. Mantle
PollyChickPop TateSir SmithersVance
Mr. LopezMrs. LopezTeresaElizaAngel
Mr. WeatherbeeMiss GrundyMiss BeazlyMiss PhilippsMiss Haggly
Prof. FlutesnootCoach KleatsCoach ClaytonMr. SvensonMiss Crouton
Miss HamlySupt. HassleMrs. ClaytonMr. KrochityMs. Stapleton
Hot DogTigerEmmaFrou Frou 

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